What Is the Best Way To Clean Granite Countertops?

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Granite counter tops are a very popular option when it comes to choosing the counter tops in a kitchen. But What Is the Best Way To Clean Granite Countertops? Cleaning can be a chore when you don't have some good routines to follow. Learning some good tips on how to clean kitchen counter tops can give you the sparkling clean kitchen you have always wanted and to maintain the cleanliness in this area. Granite counter tops do need a little bit of extra care in comparison to linoleum counter tops for example. Granite is a stone made up of 20% quartz and around 65% alkali feldspar. Granite as well as marble are the oldest rocks to have been used throughout history including in ancient Egyptian times. The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is comprised of some pieces of red granite. Other buildings have been made out of different types of granite throughout the centuries and it proves to be a great material that is sturdy and great for wear and tear. People also use granite tiles for floors, as well as in the bathroom in shower stalls and for bathroom sinks and floors. People who love rock climbing love climbing granite rock walls like the ones in Yosemite and Mont Blanc.

So since granite is so popular its great that there is some good information on how to clean granite kitchen countertops. There are differing thoughts on how to clean granite counter tops some people are for or against using chemical cleaners, and some people swear by only using a special granite kitchen countertops cleaner. It just depends on the person cleaning the counter tops and what they prefer. So its important that you try a few different things out on your own granite counter tops and see what works the best for you and use that continuously or switch it up as you need to. Granite kitchen countertops are quite porous, so they do need a good thorough cleaning once in a while to get all of the germs and dirt out of them. They also need to be properly polished so they can keep their sheen and not become too dull over time. Most granite kitchen countertops will be professionally sealed with a protective coating so that they are not subject to major damage. The coating protects the stone from moisture and from minor cuts and scratches, but it is still important to regularly clean and polish your countertops.

The Kitchn doesn't recommend using chemical cleaners on your granite counter tops at all, saying that the acids can ruin the finish and then ruin the stone. Even all natural acidic cleaners like lemon juice or lime juice can slowly ruin the finish. Also avoid using bleaches and ammonia products these can be too harsh on the sealant. The article from The Kitchn will share exactly how to clean kitchen countertops that are granite without risking any harm to the finish or the stone itself. The best part is you only need a few ingredients to make your own granite kitchen countertop cleaner that you can use whenever you need to disinfect your countertops.

The Kitchn also features great articles and recipes that you can try out at home, as well as advice, travel tips, dinner party and gathering tips, apartment therapy and more. Have a look around their website and see what you can find and make sure that you try out this awesome homemade granite kitchen counter top cleaner and see just how well it works for you. Share it with your friends who also have granite counter tops and they will love trying it out as well.*

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