The Best Bathroom Homemade Cleaner Scum Remover

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Bathroom cleaning is one of the most challenging types of cleaning you can do in your household, but with this best bathroom homemade cleaner scum remover recipe, your job will become much easier. The best soap scum cleaner should be able to remove whatever soapy grime is attached to your tub, shower, or sink, but sadly, most store-bought cleaners are hard pressed to do the job without you having to do lots of scrubbing. This bathroom cleaning recipe will help you clean any non-porous surface in your bathroom safely and efficiently so that they are looking like new. It involves combining dish detergent, specifically Dawn, with heated white vinegar, and then spraying on all the surfaces in question. Amee does warn that this mixture could ruin some bath and shower materials, like stone and marble, so be sure to test the mixture on a small portion of whatever surface you want to clean and make sure that it doesn’t damage the material before progressing to cleaning the rest of your bathroom.

Bathroom cleaning hacks like this are such lifesavers when you have a lot of grime build-up in your bathtub, but don’t want to spend your time scrubbing. Once you spray the soap and vinegar mixture on the surface that needs cleaning, you let it rest for a half hour, and then the grime scrubs away easily. Amee tested her bathroom cleaning method with Dawn’s blue liquid dish soap, which is one of the most common dish soap brands to use in this particular bathroom-cleaning hack. As with many shampoos, Dawn dish soap contains sodium lauryl sulphate, which lathers and strips grease, which makes it useful in washing dishes, as well as removing grime from your bathroom. Although Amee’s bathroom cleaning recipe has only been tested with Dawn, feel free to try using any other dish soap you have on hand to see if it works. Just remember to do the spot test on what surface you intend to clean to ensure that you won’t be doing any damage.

This homemade bathtub cleaning product is a useful tool to use on bathtubs, floors, tile, and sinks, making it one of the most efficient cleaners you will ever use in your bathroom. Since the dish soap and vinegar are food safe cleaning ingredients, you could use it for your kitchen countertops as well. This cleaning solution has been known to ruin stone and marble surfaces in the shower, however, so it may be best not to apply it to your granite countertops. Amee also claims that this cleaner was excellent on the linoleum floor in her bathroom, so this cleaner is multi-purpose and can be used in several rooms of your house. By combining dish soap and vinegar, this homemade cleaning product is incredibly easy on the wallet and makes a generous two-cup portion of cleaner, so it will go a long way to making your bathroom shine, and you may be able to use the mixture for several cleanings. Thank you to Amee, the author of ‘Inspired Housewife’ food and lifestyle blog, for showing us the best bathroom homemade cleaner scum remover ever. **

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