The 3 Commandments of Laundry

It’s time to do the laundry again! Want to learn how to become more effective in your laundry room? Well, here are the 3 Commandments of Laundry that are bound to keep your clothes as neat and clean as can be.

The first commandment? Wash like colours with like colours! For example, keep your reds and purples together and wash them in cool water, otherwise you run the very serious risk of staining the rest of your clothes. We’ve all done it at least once, right? We’ve washed a red shirt with a white one, turning the white one a luscious pink colour. Well that’s all well and good if it’s your shirt, maybe. But what if it’s his? And he hates pink? Well, then you have a problem. Sort your colours, folks, and your life will be a whole lot rosier! Another few minor tips about colours? Wash your new sweater or jeans a few times on their own a few times before mixing with others. That way, the dye won’t leak into anything else but the water, washing it down the drain. You can also get colour-absorbing clothes from Shout. These can be helpful in soaking up dye in your wash water.

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