How to Make Countertop Wipes

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Countertop wipes are lifesavers when it comes to kitchen cleaning, but unfortunately, they tend to be pricey, especially since they aren’t reusable. Sometimes you require several countertop wipes to get your cleaning jobs done and in those cases, it is painful to consider spending the money on store-bought wipes. Rather than relying on store-bought wipes, however, a viewer of the Rachael Ray show explained her process to making homemade wipes for all her kitchen cleaning. This countertop cleaner is not only inexpensive compared with store-bought varieties, but also works just as well as the store-bought wipes.

How to clean kitchen countertops is something we consider every day when tackling our kitchens. Often counters end up streaky and unappealing looking after cleaning them, and this sometimes has to do with the type of cleaner that is being used. In the case of these homemade cleaning wipes, water, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap are combined and soaked into paper towels for an efficient kitchen wipe. Dish soap is made for kitchen cleaning because it cuts through grease eliminating the streaky finish you might have on your countertops. Alcohol and dish soap are also natural kitchen cleaners, which means that you can feel safe using them on surfaces where you prepare food. Unfortunately, many cleaning brands for wipes contain ingredients people shouldn’t be consuming on a regular basis so you will want to make sure you are using the most natural food safe cleaners possible. Rather than using store-bought wipes to wipe down surfaces and have to rinse thoroughly with water to remove much of the cleaning residue, you can instead resort to a natural cleaning product in these homemade kitchen wipes.

The best thing about these homemade wipes is that they are multi-purpose and can be used on several surfaces in the home, not just kitchen counters. Of course, these wipes will cut grease well when you are cleaning the faces of kitchen appliances, but you could also use them for cleaning coffee tables and shelves. Since the wipes are moist, they will pick up dirt and dust easily from much of your furniture. The alcohol will help disinfect whatever surface you use it on, but for the most effective cleaning solution, something like vinegar with a high acidic content could be used as well. Vinegar will have more smell than other cleaning supplies, but once dried, the smell goes away almost immediately. Some companies, like Heinz, even sell a cleaning vinegar with a 6% acidic rate for more optimum disinfecting. In general, rubbing alcohol comes in two percentages, 91%, and 70%. The 70% is more common than the higher variety but is just as useful for cleaning surfaces and is an effective cleaning agent in the home.

Rather than relying on store-bought wipes with unnatural cleaners, this cleaning wipe recipe is one you should try at home. They disinfect efficiently and are much less money meaning that this cleaning hack is beneficial in more ways than one. Thank you the Rachael Ray Show website for highlighting their viewer's recipe for how to make countertop wipes.

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