How to Clean Candle WAX from EVERYTHING

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Burning candles are a gorgeous addition to any room, providing warmth, and sometimes pleasant smells to the environment. The only problem is that they do drip, however, and can make a mess on everything from carpets to coffee tables, even clothes. If you have tried cleaning candle wax that has dripped before, you already know that this can be a challenging feat. Rest assured that it is not impossible to return your wax stained items to new, with a surprisingly clever method for cleaning wax from everything. Stephanie, the author of ‘Somewhat Simple’ lifestyle blog, shared her cleaning method for how to clean spilled candle wax, and this process, which involves a brown lunch bag and iron, works like a charm.

Cleaning wax off a coffee table or any firm surface that your candles sit on is one thing since the wax should just wipe up. Removing candle wax from carpet is another because you don’t want to damage the carpet and wax might seep into the fibers. If you are wondering how do you remove wax from carpet, Stephanie’s easy cleaning solution involves placing a paper lunch bag over the area with wax, then ironing it. The paper bag protects the carpet from the direct heat of the iron and in turn protects the iron from being covered in wax. It also absorbs the wax as it melts, lifting it easily from the carpet. You won’t want to turn the iron on high, but rather keep it to its lowest setting so that the heat can gently melt the wax while cleaning your carpet. You might risk damaging the carpet you are cleaning if the heat is any higher.

Stephanie informs that you can use this cleaning method to not only remove wax from carpets, but it should also work on any surface or fabrics in your home. You could even apply this cleaning process to clothing that you dripped wax on, and it will come out easily without damaging the fabric of your clothes. If you are wondering how to remove wax from clothing, it is the same as cleaning the carpet. The brown lunch bag will soak up the wax as it melts under the weight of a low heated iron. In the case of delicate fabrics, the low iron setting is even more integral, since you won’t want to damage your clothes in the process of cleaning them.

Ultimately, any heat should melt wax, so don’t worry if you don’t happen to own an iron if you need to clean wax from items in your home. As an alternative, you could use a hairdryer on the low setting by waving the drier over the paper bag. Using a hair dryer for cleaning the carpet might take longer than the direct heat of iron, but it should still work without you having to invest in a new appliance for your home. Now that you know how to remove wax from clothes and carpet try this cleaning solution today. Thank you to Stephanie, the author of ‘Somewhat Simple’ lifestyle blog, for sharing her method from cleaning candle wax from everything.**

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