How to Clean Burnt Plastic from a Glass Cooktop

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I have a fabulous friend who loves to cook but whose culinary skills are horribly lacking. It was from sharing her experiences learning to cook that I learned how to clean burnt plastic from a glass cooktop.

Evelyn is a wonderful mother and a good long-time friend. You know, the kind you end up knowing for 30 years or more and finishing each otherís sentences? Thatís her. When we first met, Evelyn had just finally figured out how to make casserole involving frozen peas and macaroni. In her first few efforts she had not realized that you needed to pre-cook these ingredients before blending them in the casserole and putting it in the oven. Her poor husband had lost more than 20 pounds in their first year of wedded bliss.

I learned how to remove burnt plastic from a cooktop one day when I was over at her house while she was preparing a meal for her family. I noticed that her recipe cards were all neatly wrapped in plastic. I commented what a great idea that was so she could just wipe the card if she got food on it or spilled something on to the recipe. I said that I would do the same to my cards when I got home.

I will never forget Evelynís response, ďYes, thatís true. But the real reason I put the plastic on the cards is because Iíve left several recipes on the stove and set them on fire. I thought that if I wrapped them in plastic Iíd smell that burning and get the card off the stove top before I lost the recipe.Ē

To this day, I laugh and tease Evelyn on her culinary practices. Itís also how I learned to remove plastic from stovetops because, yes, you guessed it, Evelyn still melts plastic on hers. It isnít as tough as you might think and takes only common household materials to get the mess up.

I donít think Evelyn will ever have people lining up for her culinary creations, but I love the stories she has brought to our friendship over the years!

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