3 Easy Ways to Clean Iron Skillet

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Cast iron was once a commonly used item in the kitchen and is only now gaining popularity again for its ability to conduct heat and cook food evenly. The challenging part about owning cast iron cooking items, however, is that cleaning them can be a challenge. For one thing, cast iron comes with a coating that makes it non-stick, but you aren’t cleaning it properly, that seasoning can fade away. For this reason, it is integral that owners of iron cooking ware learn about proper cleaning measure so that their pans retain their optimum quality. The Wikihow website offers cast iron owners with a cleaning guideline to keep pans in shape. Their three methods will help you turn your cast iron cookware into items you will use for a lifetime.

The first cleaning method is the easiest involving adding water and boiling it while the pan is still hot. By continuously filling the pan with water, dumping it, and refilling it again, you will be getting rid of all the food particles that are stuck to the pan. You can also use a metal utensil to scrape more stubborn bits off your cast iron pan since cast iron is quite durable. Unlike other non-stick pans where the coating can scrape off, you can use sharp or metal utensils in cast iron without fear of damage. After you finish cleaning your cast iron pan, you always want to coat it with a thin layer of oil, no matter what cleaning method you undergo. The oil will help recoat the pan, while also preventing the iron from oxidizing and turning rust colored during storage.

As long as you don’t cook too many acidic foods in your cast iron pan or use harsh soaps that will lift the finish, you should be able to improve the non-stick finish of your cast iron pan through regular use. There are many who will fuss over the proper way to care for cast iron, but cast iron cookware care isn’t rocket science; rather, all you have to do to ensure a quality pan is to cook in it regularly, don’t apply anything to it that may damage the coating, and always wipe a layer of oil before storing. If you do find you have lost the non-stick coating, however, there are easy ways for re seasoning cast iron pans. Just apply a thin layer of oil on your pan and bake in the oven for approximately an hour.

A method for cleaning rust from cast iron is to add baking soda and rub all over with a potato half. Baking soda is among the best cleaning products because it is abrasive enough to lift the rust from the pan. The only issue with these cleaning instructions is that you will undoubtedly have to re-season, but since this process is so easy, it will be worth it to do it once in awhile. Thank you to wikihow for sharing their article on cleaning cast iron cookware.**

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